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    Creative Wears

    Here is how to make an amazing way to use your trash and make an outfit of it. This Sunday I took part in the trash fashion show. Making a dress of newspapers is cliche. This time I made a dress with broken CDs. You can make a dress with any kind of recyclable waste like newspapers, magazine papers, plastic bottles, soft drink cans, broken glasses and many more. Here I have chosen CDs because I feel CDs have a different shine of its own. It is not only easy to make but also gives you glamour’s look. “Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it”.…

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    Classic Fashion Clothing You Should Own.

    Like all of us have a life span similarly fashion also has a fashion cycle. Fashionable clothing also goes through ups and down. Some stay for a longer period while other just fades away. But  Fashion always repeat its self. The fashionable clothing that was soo popular in the 90’s is back in the market again. It gives the designers the inspiration to innovate and experiment. ” Fashion Never Dies, It Evolves”. Do you ever feel that you have nothing to wear?   Here is some of the statement clothing you should definitely have in your wardrobe. This will never of out of fashion and will always make you look trendy.…

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    Inspiration For Designers

    Shout out to all the designers who are in search of an inspiration for their fashion portfolios or their new line collection. While I was doing my fashion designing I had to choose a theme for my portfolio. Choosing a theme was not as easy as it seems to be. In fact it is the one of the most difficult part.Your whole line collection depends on your theme or inspiration. What is inspiration? In simple words inspiration is something that inspires you to do something. An inspiration should be something that allows you to experiment. There are many designers in the fashion industry and the number keeps increasing. Designers have…

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    Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi

    Manikarnika: The Queen Of Jhansi is a movie inspired by the great fighter Rani Lakshmi Bai. The role of Rani Lakshmi Bai is played by  Kangana Ranaut. Below is the first look of Kangana Ranaut from the movie Manikarnika. This picture was posted by the Kangana Ranaut Fan Club and was viral all over social media. Costumes Of Kangana Ranaut In Manikarnika- The Queen Of Jhansi All the costumes of Kangana Ranuat in the movie Manikarnika- The Queen Jhansi were designed by the award winning designer Neeta Lulla.  Neeta Lulla won many National Film Award For The Best Costume Design for movies like Jodha Akbar and Devdas and may more.…

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    Fashion And Trend Forecasting 2019

    Fashion forecasting is a global career that focuses on identifying the upcoming trends. The fashion forecasters research and predicts colors, textures, silhouettes, fabrics, accessories, footwear, street styles and other styles that will be presented in fashion shows and in all the stores throughout the season Resort wear is a clothing style, as well as a year-round fashion “season“. Sometimes known as “cruise wear”, it was collections only to very affluent customers who were expected to spend the post-Christmas/new year’s weeks in warm-weather climate. Trend spotting Trend forecasting company fashion snoops announced two major women’s wear trends for spring/summer 2019. the first trend is called “the valley” and is dominated by plaids and  pastels…

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    How To Wear A Scarf In Different Ways.

    Have you ever looked at your wardrobe and felt its very boring? So pair your clothing with a stylish scarf.  A scarf can be worn in all seasons be it summer autumn or winter. Usually people prefer wearing scarves in winter than in summer as it gives warmth and a cosy feel. Factoring in the countless combinations of tying, tucking, draping, and general zhooshing, this one piece of fabric can literally be worn a million and one ways. These million styles give it a new look every time u pair it with different category of wear like dresses, shirts, maxis. Adding a scarf to your accessories is the best style hack…

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    Top and latest designer clothing collection for women in Lakme Fashion Week 2018

    Clothing is a basic need of our life.  The type of clothing you wear tells a lot about your personality. The more fashionable clothes you wear the more people are attracted towards you. Fashion is never constant and always keeps changing. every season all the designers come up  with a variety of clothing collection which are showcased in the lakme fashion week.   The most trending and latest clothing collection by the top designers presented in the Lakme Fashion Week . 1. Disha Patani looks best in a one piece dress designed by Amit Aggarwal. 2. Susmita sen walks on ramp for rmkv silks. The fusion saree gives her a…