Know About the Latest Jewellery Trends



“A beautiful pair of earrings is basically the finishing touch to any outfit. It gives a shout-out to your aura. It gives an outer lining to what you wore. A good pair of earrings is the end definition to your statement style”. So are tassel earrings. They are a highlight of your look and can make any simple look turn into an Indo western style. They are highly competitive in their own type.


Crocheted jewelry pieces are the new sensation women are drooling over these days. Gorgeous neck pieces, fancy earrings, stylish bracelets and finger rings all can be created out of crochet yarn and crochet hooks. The beauty and style of these crochet jewelry designs can be elevated more by using pearls, beads and buttons.



Usually, jewelry is heavy in weight and sometimes it becomes a little difficult to wear them for a longer duration. So quilling jewelry is the best solution to your problem. Quilling jewelry is very lightweight and easy to carry. These perfect jewels quilled in the form earrings are a blessing in the world of fashion. Wearing quilling jewelry is the trend of the day.


kundan jewelery

Kundan means ‘highly refined gold’; so the quality of gold used to design kundan jewelry is of high purity. Kundan  jewelry was very popular in the Mughal royalty and these designs depict elegance and rich appearance. Now kundan jewelry is worn by all on festivals and occasions like weddings, religious ceremonies and engagements.

This type of jewellery has more detailed and intricate designs. Precious and semi-precious stones like ruby, diamond, sapphire and emerald are used. As a tribute to Indian ethnicity, Kundan transforms Indian attire and enhances a woman’s beauty immensely.


Who would have thought that people in 2020 would prefer wearing jewelry in black and silver more than gold. We wouldn’t say gold has lost its essence but of course, oxidised jewelry has its own reputation among the youth and is considered as the latest jewelry trends. Oxidised jewelry gives a vintage feel to the user. Probably a walk into retro is all they want.


Bridal jewelry grabs  maximum attention of women due to its intricate and exclusive designs that gives mesmerizing look to the bride. Meenakari is one of the most trending jewelry that has a perfect blend of traditional and modern appearance that enhances the beauty of the bride. Meenakari art involves engraving metals with colored enamel. The popular types of meenakari jewelry set includes ‘Ek Rang Khula’ and ‘Panchrangi Meena’. The usage of vibrant colours makes the meenakari jewelry look very attractive.

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