Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Shoes are love stories just waiting to be told. With seemingly endless options each season, it can be easy to fall into trend-driven styles that need to be swapped out in mere months. Consider the long game and opt in on the shoes you’ll wear season after season, year after year. Just get a good cobbler in your repertoire and you’re good to go.

1. The one that brings you happiness

These are my favorite shoes. It is not branded but it gives me comfort and confidence. Always pick a pair that admire your legs and those that feel comfortable on your feet. Pick shoes that shows who you are instead of who you want to be. All you.

2. Nude heels

Like duh-u. Everyone needs a pair of nude shoes atlas for the sake of having them. Nude heels are a girl’s shoe best friend. They elongate your legs, and they go with just about any dress in your closet. The fun part is, you can even wear them on jeans with a cute little blouse. Just grab the ones that are tall but comfortable enough to walk around in.

3. Timeless white sneakers

Oh! come on, everyone HAS a pair of white sneakers no matter what. I gives you a vintage look. Pattern and designs on these just add on to the look! Can you even find fashionable shoes like this that goes with every outfit: pair it with jeans- you’re good, pair it with a cute casual dress- perfect tomboy look.

4. Classic pumps

Okay come on. You cannot be the person who doesn’t own a pair of classic pumps. These also not only go with all your outfits like dresses, black jeans with a blouse on top, a complete denim look, some leather pants and MANY more! But they also can be worn to many things; work, parties, formal meetings. A pointed toe pump is the most classic shape that can be found at many stores.

Image result for Classic pumps"

5. Ankle strap heels

Ankle strap sandal lengthens your legs. They are a go-to kinda piece for almost any occasion. Just wear them when you feel like and I think you’re good!

6. Ankle boots

Need to add a little edge to your look to make people fall of the edge ? Ankle boots give you a very edgy and a cool look and I’m pretty sure everyone owns a pair of these good old boots. Get these boots in classic or nude/neutral colors for a classic look and for the sake of being a fashionista.

Image result for Ankle boots"

7. Peep-toe ankle shoes

They can provide more edge than ankle boots that I was talking about in the previous one. Why? Because these are just the same old ankle boots just with a hole near the toe. Haha. The toe, though, is my favorite part! It gives you a mysteriously edgy look because the little showing skin spices up the look.

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